Margaret McKenzie

Morgan Sage advised me at every step along the way


I was very lucky to find Morgan Sage as a realtor. Her knowledge goes so far beyond the norm of what one would expect from most real estate agents. I was greatly surprised and impressed by her intellect and expertise totally concentrated and focused on her profession. She guided me through the entire process of buying the condo that I wanted; informing me of every detail and advised me at every step along the way. I couldn’t figure out how she had so much time to devote only to me– but I’m sure that all her clients got the same devotion that I did.

Morgan knew what I could afford and kept putting in lower bids on the condo until it was mine. Morgan is a great professional; honest, trustworthy and reliable. She also has a great sense of humor and took any negativity I had with great charm and good humor!

It was great that she also has a network of professionals (mortgage people, lawyers, construction workers, etc.) that she could refer me to for help. And I do love the charts I get by email detailing the real estate market in my area. I will definitely be working with Morgan on any future real estate transactions that come up in my life!

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