Jeff & Beth Carren

Morgan Sage fully represented our interests


We decided to engage Morgan as a result of a reference from another transaction where she went far beyond the usual call for a listing realtor. We appreciated that at the outset she provided a realistic appraisal of the difficult market for sellers and the time it might take for a sale, and she was right-on in both respects. She found ways to enhance the property’s appeal and assisted in engaging other providers to address some needs in the process. At the time of delicate negotiations, she was resourceful, cognizant of the losses we incurred due to market conditions and fully represented our interests. Her services allowed us to treat the transaction on a “turn-key” basis lessening the stress inherent in selling in the market today. Her team followed her lead in doing whatever was necessary to market the property and make the transaction proceed. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a highly skilled representative in marketing their property.

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